Tuesday, December 2, 2008

O Goody

The Thanksgiving holiday has passed, and I have finally managed to either eat or dump the lot of leftovers my sister-in-law placed in my lap as I was trying to speed off. The best part was the stuffing which was suitable for eating cold, microwaved, heated in a pan, or mixed with other leftovers to make them more appetizing. Unfortunately the stuffing to non-stuffing leftover ratio favored a trash dump yesterday.

This SIL is married to my older brother. I haven't gotten along with my older brother since we were kids. He had "issues" which have seemed to mellow with age, but he still manages to irk me by questioning my knowledge base or my abilities to make decisions. But recently we bonded. Because his wife picks on him on a regular basis. And I stuck up for him on his birthday. Really, all I did was add to the meal order a few items that he had wanted but his wife said she didn't like. I figured he's still paying for all of our meals (at a very expensive Zagat rated restaurant) he should get what he wants for his birthday, and she doesn't have to eat what she doesn't like. (Me, I ordered the fois gras, delicious.)

This brings me to the point of all of this. Straight women are meaner and seem to hate straight men more than all the conventional wisdom of men-hating dykes. I can't tell you the number of straight women who have expressed extreme hatred for men. Certainly some men deserve hatred from all quarters for their acts or words, but straight girls seem to really like to go all out on the men-trashing. I have often remarked that I seem to like men more than my straight women friends. They, of course, invariably say, "It's because you don't have to live with them." Perhaps. I don't usually give them much thought.

Of course I've had my share of rotten gfs (of the lying cheating can't keep it in their pants or out of some other girl's pants variety) but I've never sworn off girls because of it. Straight girls seem to give up on finding a bf after a certain age, because "men only seem to want younger women". Luckily this has not been my experience of the lesbian world, there are always available attractive women, even after 40. And most straight women who are getting sex seem to make do with the bio dick that's stuck to the end of the lucky guy whether or not that cock really suits the girl. Or straight women and men collude in the fiction that the size, shape, and skill in use of a cock doesn't matter or, worse, that the woman coming doesn't really matter. So my big question is: why in the world do straight women remain straight? It doesn't seem like a particularly happy lifestyle.

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