Monday, November 24, 2008

Glamour and Sex

Waiting for another new home health aide to appear to help with Mom overnight, so I can get some sleep. Well, I never sleep the first night someone is here, in case they need some help learning the ropes or Mom freaks out because there is a stranger in the house. So tonight and tomorrow will be a training day. Kinda like that movie with Denzel and one of those young kid guys that all the girls gush about, where Denzel is the corrupt cop training the idealist young cop to come into his web of corruption. Only my web involves Depends, thickened liquids, pee pads in the bed, bed alarms, a baby monitor, and a wheelchair.

My older sister schedules the home health aides to come in, and sometimes she forgets to give me all the details. I started to think she has some kind of brain injury or brain disorder because she is still relatively young to be as scattered as she is. Her son thought so too, so he gave her a mental status test (he is in medical school) and was shocked to find out that she has all her full faculties. I guess my nephew and I think alike and so there are at least two idiots in the family. I am not saying which two, but you can guess.

Quite a change from gay porn, eh? Well, who said my life was all glamour and sex.

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