Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Note to Self

When taking self-portraits to send to online lover, do previous research to discover that most cyber pics show women in some form of "come hither" or "bedroom" or "I'm a hot tough butch" or "I'm a sweet, cute young thing" or "I'm a lot of fun" look or pose. It's the visual language of online chasing.

One should try not to send a bleak photograph of oneself that looks rather remarkably like the author's pic on the dust jacket of an obscure book of poetry. Pensive, intellectual, serious, mature has not yet become a hot look in internet chasing. Though remember to save that photo for when you finally find a publisher for your book of pensive, intellectual, serious, and mature poetry.

Crazily, the intense, beautifully cocky, sizzling butch top actually manages to find pensive quite quite sexy.

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