Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Temporary and Transient Crush

I have a temporary and transient crush on the French Finance Minister, Christine Lagarde. I saw an interview with her on PBS and she is beautiful. I also love the turnabout that has the French advising Americans on the future of capitalism. I think the intersection of this irony and the fact that Mme Lagarde looks hot in a boyish white shirt and suit jacket has given rise to this temporary and transient crush. Irony plus hotness will last just long enough before I remember that she is part of the conservative Sarkozy government and I am a devout pinko.

Okay, but she is beautiful and unmistakably sexy. I have no idea if she is queer but who cares, it's my fantasy, not hers. Plus she is French, and well, that has to count for something (subtract for conservative Sarkozy government). I love that she has left her hair in its natural salt & pepper state, since I have been grey since the age of 14, and I refuse to color my hair. Mme Lagarde is very self-assured, clearly smart, has a sense of humor, and she moves beautifully. I looked her up in Wiki and found that she is, oddly, a champion synchronized swimmer, perhaps why she moves so well and comfortably in her own body.

I admit I am easily crushed out on beautiful, powerful, smart, confident women. And yes, I did fantasize about how incredibly hot it would be to be endlessly slow and hard fucked by this gorgeous and uber-confident French Finance Minister wearing a sexy strap-on ("Oh yes! Fuck me baby, Please, baby, please fuck me, my French Finance Minister, hmm, O god, harder"), but then that whole Sarkozy conservative government thing managed to intrude into my delicious daydream, and I am back to being on the trailing edge of this temporary and transient crush.

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