Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mr Limpy

Okay, back to gay porn. I watched a fascinating vid of a bunch of Brit "footballers" sucking and fucking each other. What was interesting to me was how difficult it was for some of the guys to get really hard. Mr L, shall we call him, after an intense bout of having his otherwise very pretty and nicely shaped dick thoroughly licked and swallowed and then using it to force fuck Mr X's throat sideways (to get in deep) down to the bottom of his shaft, he still was kind of limpy. Kind of sad, actually.

A different guy took over and sucked Mr Limpy with great enthusiasm, and another guy rimmed his asshole, but still, Mr Limpy. I wonder if he just wasn't that into it. But he was clearly very popular with the mens, perhaps because he had the prettiest dick. Finally another guy, Mr H, with a really hard dick that practically stood up to his belly, turned him over and fucked him in the ass. Mr Limpy's dick was still semi-hard but still mostly limpy. Mr H pulled out and turned him over and dribbled his cum on Mr still Limpy's pretty mouth and upturned face.

So, straight guys wonder why femme lesbians like to be fucked by butch lesbians? or by other femmes? One reason, lesbians never fuck you with a limpy dick, except on purpose. And depending on mood, any thickness or length of beautiful hard cock is available, and a girl can get fucked until she comes. And the whole cum thing? Shooting out of a bio dick? Not really that exciting. Mostly over-hyped dribble.

Is this too harsh? Sorry. Luckily there are gobs and gobs of straight girls and gay guys who love bio dick. Isn't the world a wonderful place?


liz said...

Maybe I'm strange, but I've always found gay (male) porn and some lesbian porn more interesting than straight porn. The women in straight porn just don't seem to enjoy it. Whereas in gay male porn, the dynamics are different. Both parties are enjoying it, it's quite animalistic. It's pure, unadulerated sex and that's hot.

I guess I've always figured that as a lesbian, my wiring's been crossed, like I'm not supposed to enjoy the gay porn. Meh.

Running away with the Spoon said...

Not strange at all. A significant minority of my friends (who admit it to me) enjoy gay male porn for many of the same reasons you listed.

I know it flies in the face of conventional wisdom about who lesbians are, and how we are wired, but I'm not surprised. Even within the lesbian community there are still a significant number who would be appalled that I happily enjoy being fucked by a "realistic" strap on, because to them it suggests that I must like "straight sex". Funny to me because most of them have had straight sex, which I am, and have always been, uninterested in. I like being fucked by girls. End of Story.

Gay male porn is the hottest, most intensely focused sexual vids. Which is why I was so surprised at Mr Limpy. But I also found it somewhat amusing that it didn't seem to be as big a deal in gay porn as it would be in straight porn. Guys will still suck the life out of Mr Limpy, then turn him over and fuck him with or without Mr Limpy getting any harder. I suppose it's a sign of sexual confidence.