Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Day

It's humid and overcast, the day has almost slipped over the last bit of western sky, but it is still light out.

I've been reading lots of political blogs and sex blogs, as of late. I correlate this to the two things that seem to compel me most, right now: the election of Barack Obama and an increase in my libido due to exercise. Both fascinations are tied solely to the internet right now, since Barack has not invited me to join his Cabinet (he may have lost my email address) and I am away from home and from the girlfriend.

I understand men spend an inordinate amount of time on these two internet pursuits, but this duo is relatively new to me.

I have not watched any porn on the internet until recently. While I am a lesbian who enjoys what is dismissively called by some "reproductive heterosex" with girls, I don't find straight porn that interesting. Mostly because the women are, for the most part, completely unattractive to me. They just don't appear to be into it, in a way that resonates for me. And the guys have great looking dicks but no pussies or tits or clits, so it's kind of a let down. Did I mention I am not into guys? I did visit a gay male porn site just to see, and ZOWIE, okay, the guys really do do sex like it's a completely hedonistic animal act. And lucky for them, the other guys are just as into it. I was stunned by anal fisting which I had never actually seen before, and really, if it floats your boat, go for it, it's not a practice, however, that's currently high on my "to do" list.

Anyway, it's been an interesting time-waster. I've posted comments on some of the queer sex blogger sites, and a few of them are quite good writers, especially of queer erotica, mostly of the butch/top variety. Since I have femmed bottom (verb) in the past, I admit I reflexively find butch tops attractive. But I am not good at managing one consistent behavior, so I wasn't a really good femme bottom, because I don't always find lipstick practical, nor do I always agree that I should defer to what I consider impractical or arbitrary rules made by some butch top with a cock. This is why I do not belong to clubs. I make a horrible club person. I do belong to the JC Penney bra & panty club which only requires that you carry a little card and once you have purchased 6 bras (even on sale) you get the 7th for free. Now that's a club I can belong to.

Instead of porn and politics I have been trying to write a ghazal. A form of poetry that I have no history with, but I find interesting because I have no history with it. It's not what I write, but if we can't try something new and difficult every once in a while, well, I guess I would waste more time reading queer porn or watching snips of dyke porn. I actually refuse to pay for the full view, since my prurient interests are way out matched by my penny pinching. Really, if penny pinching was a sexual practice, I would be a cheap whore, really cheap.

Since I am terrible at belonging to groups with rules, (I am not so much rebellious or anti-authority as I am indifferent and easily bored), we'll see how long I keep this blog going. I hope it will be an honest interesection of the things that seem to run my life. We'll see.

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Running away with the Spoon said...

Well, that clearly shows me how not finding the right butch top until Dec 19th skewed my view of tops & bottoms. And now, I have found her!