Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yes! We met! She is all I could have hoped for, and with her I find more happiness than I thought life allowed.

M is gorgeous, beautiful, handsome, sexy, muscular, confident, and quite tender, loving, and attentive. I held her hand in the airport as we walked to her car. She has the most incredible light blue eyes that dance and sparkle and have a whole lifetime of stories for me to discover. We had a 90 minute drive from the airport to her home, we kissed at stoplights and long straightaways. We took a small detour to drive by her parents' home (her childhood home), and then we were off to her very neat and shipshape abode. Where I was welcomed with a lovely glass vase of beautiful fragrant flowers, and cards.

I immediately felt safe and loved with her, and I know that she could read the unabashed adoration and love that I feel for her. Suffice to say that, despite our best plans, I couldn't bear the thought of being away from her long enough to wash away 20 hours of travel. So we made out, we made love, and we fucked like insatiable rabbits if those silly rabbits were lucky enough to be us. We made two pizzas together and the pizza was delicious, the best I have eaten in a long while, and the best I have ever made (well, this was my first time making pizza). Perfect to sustain in between long bouts of energetic and passionate fucking, eating, licking, thrusting, riding, and sucking. We were two lovers bent on sharing our love for each other!

And, yes, we even squeaked in time for visits from her sister and her best friend, and a trip to visit her parents. I am happy to say I did meet her parents. M was a little worried since her mother has been a bit less racially tolerant in the past, but her Mom was exceptionally welcoming and wonderful to me, I couldn't have asked for a better and kinder greeting. M had not told her that I was Asian, and Mom did really well, and has since called me "sweetie" on the phone. Dad took a quick look at me, his face broke in a huge grin, he winked, and jumped out of his chair to give me a great big hug and kiss. I think they like that M finally has an very decidely femme girlfriend who is older than she is. I did thank them for raising such a wonderful daughter, because I am grateful to them for their part in making her who she is. She is perfect.

It was remarkable how well M & I fit together emotionally and physically, how well we meshed. I easily fell asleep with my head on her shoulder, my hand at her waist, her arm around me, as we lay in bed. And she pulled a blanket over me when we cuddled in the living room, saying "Here, put this on, you're cold." I said "How did you know I was cold?" She said "Because you tucked your feet underneath you. I notice all the details about you, my love." She tried her pinkie ring on my ring finger for size, and neither of us wanted to take it off once it was on. We do plan to marry in Massachusetts, whenever I am finally free, and she chooses to ask me. Wearing her ring, even for those brief moments, has had quite a profound and continuing effect on both of us. We are in love.

And for the statistically minded, I came for her 8 times, and she came for me twice (it is her preferred ratio). And we each learned new things about each other and ourselves as we made love. She found out how much she loved having & watching me suck her cock and how much she loved watching her cock slide in and out of my pussy. She gave me my first completely vaginal g-spot orgasm. And it was miraculous. She is my beautiful hard cocky man as I am her open, passionate and responsive woman. Her will joined with my surrender. Happily, we, M and I, are clearly better together than apart. We are simply made for each other.

I love her more and more each day.


(Btw, to meet the family, I wore a very nice & expensive pair of casual soft green tencel pants with a black fitted t-shirt and a microfleece black half-zip pullover with a purple/green/black silk scarf, black fabric slipons with a wedge heel, small gold hoop earings, a loose gold bracelet wrist watch, & my mother's Buddhist prayer bracelet from the hospital. I can't tell you how long I fussed over what to pack and wear - not too slobby, not too snobby. phew!)


Anonymous said...

Yea! I'm so happy for you!It seems like you found your courtly butch. ;)It seems like everything is going great with the family too!They time you were away I was catching up on your other post and it just makes you seem all the more cooler!

femmeismygender said...

....It went well then? :-)
Very happy to read that things went brilliantly for you both! fimg x

Holden said...

So pleased for you both, it all sounds perfect.

Running away with the Spoon said...


Yes, I am doubly happy - 1) to have found my heart's desire and 2) to find I am her heart's desire.

Love is remarkably grand!

Best to you,

Running away with the Spoon said...

fimg & Holden,

You know I do think of you both as having key parts in this romance. Both for your kind and thoughtful comments and support, and for your own blogs, through which both M and I have found reassuring and wonderful resonance.

Thank you both!

rs x

Anonymous said...

YAY for love! This was such a great post & I am very happy for you both. :)