Monday, February 16, 2009


1) On phone sex. We learned that my living with an elderly hearing-impaired senior had its phone sex benefits - all her phones are all especially amplified, which made M hearing me masturbate for her over the phone just that much more erotic. The regular phones aren't quite as conducive to picking up my wet fingers dipping into my sopping pussy or sliding around my M-induced swollen clit quite as much as the phones at Mom's house. Who knew?

2) Keep track of your laptop power cords as you go through airport security. They cost upward of $100 to replace. This is the second power cords of sorts that has vanished during regular TSA screening.

3) When you are used to 70 - 80 degree F temperatures, I don't care that everyone else says "30 degrees is warm", it just plainly isn't warm. A cup of hot chocolate would be a frozen dish at 30 degrees! And so am I!

4) My dog didn't forget me. She went cuckoo and wouldn't leave my side for a week.

5) I really have missed reading all of your blogs and comments. Surprising how much dial up sucks. As I commented elsewhere, I am an expert on sucking (ask M) and I guarantee that dial up sucks more than I do. And there are still many communities (even in the very populated New England states) that do not have access to anything faster than dial up and we need equal access to the internet!


Anonymous said...

My first visit here. I'm lovin it so far!

Anonymous said...

Gohead girl! ieems like everything is going great!And just a quick question..ever thinking of writing erotia?

Anonymous said...

#1 is very yummy.