Saturday, January 10, 2009


We circle in this constant state of mistrust and blame. Accusing words, the bitterness of silence, and sometimes, horribly, barely concealed contempt mark each phone call, each exchange. We fight about the mundane and the serious. What is surprising is to expect something different in the course of our conversations, to expect them to be different, more civil, less strained, though they have followed exactly the same course for the last 12 years. There is little joy or love left in any of our exchanges, just unrelenting stress. We define the ultimate clash in communication style and in basic values.

I read once that most happy couples have built up a reservoir of good will to keep them through tough times or conflict; that is not us, we seem to have horded missteps, misunderstandings, slights, raised voices, sharp words, insults, and deliberate wounds. We have horded these things to successfully slice away the flesh of whatever few glad moments we find we have left together.

G, we can openly and truthfully face the disappointing reality of our long dissolving relationship, the terrible reality that we each learned precisely how to irreparably damage a dream with our own hands, by failing to nurture it, by expecting each other to be different that who we are. Or we can do this with a blind and furious litany of on-going disappointments, betrayals, scars, broken promises, and blistering rage at a future which will never be. You can start to tote up your lists and I, mine. But you should know that the weight of my list is too much for me to bear, I can't keep adding to it. I can't hang onto disappointment and betrayal and rejection and loss anymore. This is no longer a blueprint for a reasonable life, a fulfilling life, a life I choose.

Your volatile temper has always dominated our relationship. And if you so decide, you can hate me or seek to hurt me to even the score, and there's nothing much I can do to stop you. But what I do know is this: You and I are two good people who somehow turned bitterness, emptiness, disappointment and loss into 12 years together, and we seemed to have forgotten that sometimes two people, however perfect or flawed or hopeful, are not better (for ourselves or each other) together than we you and I are, apart.


pomegranate said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and I'm impressed with the clarity of your writing as you're sifting through so many powerful emotions. I've been in a place similar to what you're describing here - two good people who just don't... fit... anymore. The drifting apart can be so difficult to face. Though it looks like you may have washed onto shore in a pretty nice spot, based on some of your other posts... :) Thanks for sharing, please keep writing!

Running away with the Spoon said...

You are very kind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I write to breathe, but it is always encouraging to know I am not alone. Thanks again, I appreciate your comments.


T T Blog said...

I too am inpressed with your writing can I copy and paste that to my soon to be ex-girlfriend?

Running away with the Spoon said...

TT Blog,

I am happy for you to use whatever works for you here as you find helpful. ;> No need to reinvent wheels!