Thursday, April 2, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Queer Rose tagged me. This is the first time I have actually been tagged in any form since I was 10, I believe. Thank you for the nudge to write another post, QR, very happy to do so - I appreciate the tag! (If you roll over the title of this post, it is a link to QR's original post.)

Five names you go by
Baby Girl, Holly (not my name but what the painters, for some odd reason, think is my name, and to which I have been answering), Ma'am (since I've gotten older, I have gotten used to this surprising name), "...Current Resident at this Address", and P.

Three things you are wearing right now Wish I knew I was going to be tagged, I would have dressed better, oh well: M's longsleeve tshirt, light grey sweat pants, and crocs. I wish they had had that black lace garter and stockings in a smaller size at the store today, that would have been so much nicer (and nonchalantly sexy) to have written that that was what I was wearing now.

Three things you want very badly at the moment To be in my own drama-less home with M, for my kittie to be well, and to find a great writing job

Two people who will probably fill this out: Fimg, Jess (both very responsible types)

Two things you did last night Had a long and serious phone conversation with M (for which I love her even more), organized my closet

Two things you ate today
lovely couscous, a pear

Two people you last talked to on the phone M, and an unintelligible man who was selling something equally unintelligible, I hope I didn't buy anything, hard to tell, though.

Two things you are doing tomorrow Practicing with my beloved dog on the correct heel position (we walk and train for 2 miles) so we can pretend that she is less unruly, work on editing my poetry

Two longest car rides A trip from Ohio to Colorado in college with a straight woman I barely knew and never saw again...we had a great time and stopped to eat ice cream in lots of small towns in each of the many states, we slept in the car in cornfields, pulled into a small diner in Nebraska with a huge sign that read "EAT BEEF" whilst we were both vegetarians - we had grilled cheese sandwiches and a bowl each of more ice cream; Northern California to Vancouver BC with my parents during the summer when I was 6. The ride was a blur, but I do remember I met a steam radiator for the first time in my life in Vancouver. I thought it was an oddly cold and bumpily uncomfortable cast iron window seat.

Two of your favourite beverages Caffeine-filled diet soda pop (my terrible vice) and delicious and refreshing cold cold spring water from my own spring.

Should I be tagging someone else?


Diane said...

may i suggest tags? there's janet at, and maria at if you don't already know them, i think you'd like them...

Running away with the Spoon said...

Just went for a spin at "just eat..." what a delightful blog, thanks for the heads up, and of course janet at mid-life has an always intriguing diary. I'll tag them and see.

Thanks for your great suggestions.

Sorry for the delay in responding, the painters blew a fuse that caused an intermittent (ugh) failure in a fuse in a power strip that runs the router that I have only now discovered (!!! yay!) as the source of the connection problem and remedied. So I am back online.

Diane said...

yay! look forward to your next post...:)